'Twilight Sparkle' is the main protagonist of the EG: Scream series. She is also the daughter of Twilight Velvet and Night Light, and the brother of Shining Armor.

She proved to be a survivor she (or so she thought) beat the Equoboro Killers, 'Rainbow Dash' and 'Lightning Blast'. She tried to continue a normal life but two more Ghostface killers, 'Rainbow Dash'/'Masquerade' and 'Applejack' commit another murder spree. 'Twilight' once again survived but chose to live in a secluded with negligible contact with the outside.

When 'Rainbow Dash'/'Firefly' forced her out of hiding with her accomplice 'Pinkie Pie', she confronted her in Equallowood and found some more closure. 7 months later, she privately published a book called Outside of Darkness, to help others overcome trauma. When she came back to her old town, a new killing spree occurred, 'Rainbow Dash'/'Patch' was behind it with her new and sensitive accomplice, 'Fluttershy'. Two more killing sprees occured 4 months later, the fifth orchestrated by 'Rainbow Dash'/'Coconut Groove' and 'Rarity' and the sixth by 'Rainbow Dash'/'Speedy' and Lightning Blast.


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