Gale Halestorm is a local news reporter and a main protagonist of the EG: Scream series.



Gale was born 32 years (1963) prior to the Equoboro murders orchestrated by 'Rainbow Dash' and 'Lightning Blast' in 1995. At sometime in 1987, she became a local news reporter and a friend of Cotton Warey and Spectrum Streak, the father of the Equoboro killer 'Rainbow Dash'. She wanted to be in the spotlight all her life, the reason she wanted to be a news reporter. 

EG: Scream 

Gale is a charcter that made a book on Twilight Velvet's murder, eplaining how she thinks that Cotton Warey is innocent. She is rude, bossy, and goes to great lengths to get a good story (as well as videotaping unsuspecting school students at a house party). After Kasey Decker and Steve Orton are murdered by the Equoboro killers, Gale goes to Equoboro to dsicuss her book about Velvet's murder.At the night of the party, Gale and Dewey find Night Light's car in the bushes not far from the house. When they go back to the house, they see that almst everyone has left the house, so Dewey tells Gle to call for backup while he cheacks out the house but is attacked by 'Rainbow Dash' in the Ghostface costume. She runs to her van and found her cameraman murdered. Gale tries to drive away but crashes into a tree after swerving off the road while trying to avoid a terrifying Twilight (who escaped from the house from Lightning Blast as Ghostface). Later, when 'Rainbow Dash' and 'Lightning Blast' confront Twilight about their murders, an injured Gale arrives and holds them at gunpoint. However, the safety is on and 'Rainbow Dash' with her Ghostface robe still on throws the knife she used to kill the others into Gale's stomach and kicks her against the pillar on the front porch where Dewey's unconscious body is lying. This gives Twilight timeto escape and she impales 'Rainbow Dash' with an umbrella in Lightning Blast's Ghostface costume.

EG: Scream 2

Gale has written a new book about the murders that happened in Equoboro. 'Twilight', now grateful that she saved her life, refuses to do an interview with Cotton. Gale and Dewey's relationship, although strained, at first, eventually turns heated.

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